Panzer Leader: France 1940

John Garrett's French Counters

from Outposts magazine

Garrett French 1

Garrett French 2

Ramiro Cruz's French Counters

from The General

Cruz French 1

Cruz French 2

Ramiro Cruz's B.E.F Counters

from The General

Cruz B.E.F. 1940


Panzer Leader 1940 Master Unit Function Charts*

As Web Pages

Downloadable PDF

Html files care of Terry Hewitt

*Note: Counters on Garrett French 1 & 2 are not covered by these charts. Counters on PL German 3 & 4, which appear on the Panzer Leader Counter Art page, are. Charts appear care of Alan Arvold and Old Soldiers Magazine.


Cruzin' for a Bruisin':

Carl Schwamberger's Article on the Garrett/Cruz Countermixes

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