Being a record of changes, additions, and corrections to the site.

14 January 2010: New article by Alan R. Arvold: PanzerBlitz Clarifications and Answer Box.

24 January 2009: Correction made to PB Family Tree graphic in the history of PB article.

24 January 2009: New article by Alan R. Arvold on the history of PanzerBlitz on the Panzer Class page.

14 January 2009: Correction to the late 1944 German OOB for the updated Situation 7: 4 SMG units, not 3.

18 September 2008: Situation 7: A Scenario in Serious Need of Updating posted. These are Alan Arvold's superb and specific designer notes to what is now called ISPB 5.

9 July 2008: 1941 Russian OOB corrected to include 2 BT-7a's; these were part of the original design, overlooked by the typesetter.

27 June 2008: Supplement B to Alan R. Arvold's revision of PB Situation 7 posted, including OOBs for early 1943, late 1944, and 1945. Designer's Notes to follow.

27 June 2008: Supplement A to Alan R. Arvold's revision of PB Situation 7 posted, including OOBs for 1941, 1942, and early 1943 (to be continued on Supplement B).

26 June 2008: Countermix PB Russian updated to incorporate the corrections of 5 December 2007.

25 June 2008: Alan R. Arvold's revision of the original PB Situation 7 posted, using new boards and counters. To be followed by Designer's Notes and 6 additional OOBs for different time periods from 1941 to 1945. Stay tuned!

4 May 2008: PB Maps 1 and 1 Winter corrected: missing ravine running from 1CC1 through 1BB2 to 1AA2 added.

2 May 2008: PB Maps 3 and 3 Winter corrected: missing ridge hexside between 3N3 and 3O3 added.

28 March 2008: PL Japanese 1, 2, and 3 issued in alternative colour scheme.

27 March 2008: PL Japanese 3 posted; PL Japanese 2 given a slightly lighter upper band.

26 March 2008: PL Japanese 2 posted; 5:48 EST, colour bands corrected.

18 January 2008: Hetzer Plate redone; BT-5 Plate and PzKw II D Plate added.

10 January 2008: Hilltop numbers restored to PB Map 10.

7 January 2008: T-34 C Plate & Fiat 3000 30 Plate posted.

23 December 2007: Maresal Plate posted.

22 December 2007: Medio 14/41 Plate posted.

12 December 2007: PL Japanese 1 posted.

5 December 2007: Four Russian countersheets, PB Russian 4, PB Russian 7, PB Russian 8, and Panzer Variants 2 have been reposted. Five counters, the ZIS-42 (formerly 6B01; now 7I01), the M-15 (formerly 6C01; now 7J01), the M-17 (formerly 6D01; now 7K01), the GAZ-AA (formerly 6E01; now 7L01), and the YAG-10 (formerly 6F01; now 7M01) had been erroneously assigned ID numbers in the 6 series, that is, they were mistakenly classified as self-propelled artillery. They have, in consultation with Alan Arvold, been correctly re-identified as assault guns, in the 7 series.

These changes affect ID numbers only; NO FACTORS HAVE BEEN CHANGED. Thus, counters produced from the earlier versions of these sheets are perfectly valid for play purposes. The re-identifying of these five counters have resulted in two others shifting place: the M-8, on Panzer Variants 2, formerly 6G01, is now 6B01; the M-31, on PB Russian 7, formerly 6H01, is now 6C01. All these changes are, in a sense, cosmetic; you needn't remake the counters. Purists, however, will want the record set straight.

For those who wish a quick fix to the problem, a special countersheet, PB Russian AG, accessible from this page only, has been created: it contains all the ID-corrected counters in the same quantities with which they appear in the regular countersheets. You can, thus, download and make these counters, discard their old opposites, and you're ready to roll.

14 November 2007: Map orientation for IS PB No. 4 confirmed.

2 November 2007: IS PB No. 4 posted; playtest feedback encouraged. Note that the version posted in the morning was revised after 5 p.m. to include an early war 88mm ATG in place of the 37mm ATG.

19 September 2007: The twelve supplementary PB Situations from The Wargamer's Guide to PanzerBlitz posted on the PB Scenario page.

14 August 2007: The twelve original PB Situations posted on the PB Scenario page.

4 August 2007: PB Map 10 modified to eliminate the slopes above the second tier, as there are no rules for these. The old Map 10 looked like this.

1 August 2007: The first two countermix templates, aids to scenario design, posted as downloadable pdfs on the PB Scenario page. The Russians will need an additional sheet for early & variant armor. Generally, pure silhouette variations (the three Russian trucks; vehicles with the top up & down) are not included. An exception has been made for the Russian B--4 203mm Howitzer.

31 July 2007: The Identity Code of the Russian M--31 SPA, formerly 6C, was changed to 6H, after it was discovered that the lend-lease M--15 SPAA has the same code. Accordingly, the countersheet PB Russian 7 was reissued with the corrected M--31 counters.